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We Did It! 49 Hours and 20 Minutes!

Homes by Hendriks had the opportunity to come together with the Niagara Homebuilders Association and the Niagara Construction Association, along with many other trades and suppliers to build a home for Habitat for Humanity. The Blitz Build project was a huge success originally set to be finished within three days but ended up being completed just over 49 hours, breaking a Canadian record! Ron Hendriks of Homes by Hendriks was one of the construction coordinators of the volunteer project.


"Construction began at 7:32am on Friday May 14th and continued for 49 consecutive hours. A unified team of almost 250 volunteers from the two associations worked together to build a 1,100 sq foot, 3-bedroom, raised bungalow home in Welland. The builders from the two associations donated the home to Habitat Niagara and its newest family partner, Natasha Acaster, in a key turning ceremony on Sunday May 16th.” SNAP Niagara Falls


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