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Humanitarian Build Family Update!

It has been just over six months since Ron, Yvonne, and Rhiana Hendriks of Homes by Hendriks along with over 180 other volunteers through the Ontario Homebuilders' Association completed the Humanitarian Build in the Dominican Republic. If you didn't read our previous blogs about it, the Humanitarian Build's main goal was to build six houses for needy families living in a very poor area (called Aguas Negras) around the Puerto Plata area, it was a huge success!

We recently received an email updating us on the family we built the house for and wanted to share it with you. It was really neat to hear how this week long charity build totally changed the course of six families' lives...

"Masamina (grandmother), Fabio Huma & Jose Lynn and children: Christopher, Miguel, Angel Luis. According to Fabio, everything has changed for his family because of what they experienced during our time with them. Until 'Team Marz' came along, Fabio only dreamed of being able to give his family a new home. Now he feels that they truly have a new found happiness and hope because of their new home. The old house had endless problems and Fabio spent a lot of time and money trying to fix them. Now that he has peace of mind on the state of his family's home, he is free to do other things. Fabio is grateful for all the things the team gave his family, and he vowed to us that he will take good care of them. He remembers speaking Spanish with one of the team members and hopes they have not forgotten him. His family had a lot of fun and laughed a lot with the team. He said that Canadians have good hearts because of their willingness to help. In his own words, he expressed how it is incredible for him to see how God has taken care of his family. Fabio designs and installs metal canopies to houses. It helps to keep the rain out of the house and he has even put a small one on his new house. He hopes to one day make more and sell them in a shop. He wants his children to complete school and become professionals."